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I was renovating my home and i was introduced to install my LED lighting from LED Light Singapore. I am very impressed with the way they handled their customer. The LED lights were installed and working properly. All i can say is they are a very reliable and efficient lighting company.
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#1 LED Lighting Specialists in Singapore

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The Danger of Selecting a Random LED Lighting Company
If you buy LED lights from some random LED Lighting Company, though the initial cost appears cheaper, there is a risk that you may not be getting value for money. Lower quality LED light bulb may produce lower lighting output. They may also have a shorter life span than the usual long life span expected of LED light bulbs defeating the very purpose of getting LED light bulbs in the first place - to save cost in the long-run.

For genuine saving of costs in the long term, get LED lights from reliable and reputable companies. They will ensure that it is properly designed and installed so that LED circuit will produce high energy efficiency i.e. converting most electrical energy into light energy with little wastage as loss heat energy. They will provide good quality LED light bulb which has effective dimming capability, wide range of colour emissions and bulbs that will not fail abruptly; instead it will slowly dim over time.
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The Importance of Choosing a Reliable LED Lighting Company
Most households use incandescent or halogen light bulbs or energy efficient light bulbs for lighting purposes. Energy saving light bulbs saves energy e.g. an energy saving light bulb of 23 watts can produce light energy equivalent to more than 100 watts of an incandescent or halogen light bulb. However, the life span of energy saving light bulbs is short and often fails with no warning. Hence, it is not surprising if you find yourself urgently needing to buy and change light bulbs every once or twice a month, if you have installed many lighting sources. This is especially inconvenient for females or ageing males, as changing light bulb involves climbing ladders to replace the old ones!

There is currently another type of light bulb that is fast gaining popularity; it is the LED light bulbs. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. They are commonly used for indicator purposes e.g. traffic lights and outdoor signs etc. However, it is also fast becoming being used for household lighting purposes. Unlike energy saving light bulbs, LED light bulbs are very small but can emit intense brightness. Besides, it has long life span, reportedly 10 to 20 times longer than an energy saving light bulb, thus reducing the inconvenience of frequent purchasing and changing of light bulbs!

Though the upfront cost of LED light bulb is rather steep as compared to an energy saving one, the long-term cost is low as LED lights are long-lasting and uses less electrical energy. LED light bulbs can be installed in tube lighting, down light, spotlight or ceiling lighting. As the price of LED light bulb is not cheap, it is paramount that you get them from a reliable and reputable lighting company as they provide you with warranty and proper installation of your lighting.

Go LED, but get them only from a reliable LED lighting company!

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I was introduced to LED Lighting Singapore by my mother in law. The sales man Derrick came down and advice us on the lighting placement and also what type of LED light is suitable for my condo. They supply and installed my LED lighting and i am very happpy with their workmanship and after ales service. Impressive.
Laurence Chen (Bishan)

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

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Then let us the specialists recommend LED Lighting for installations. Here, we are not only specialists in many varied home or businesses services we are also your One Stop Solution for home services, you the client might just need or want. At our company we only sell the best quality of products, at the best price for our clients. There are plenty of benefits for installing LEDs in your spaces.

With a simple change of LEDs lighting, you will save a lot and pay just a fraction of the cost of what one would have use normally with normal light bulbs and light fixtures. This is the main reason why anyone or everyone should switch and why we highly recommend ourselves to help install and supply for our clients. We truly care and give our customer the best services, being accommodating at our best for your requirements. We put our client’s best interests first before anything else; we provide satisfaction guarantee, and free onsite quotation with a friendly attitude.

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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How to choose the right LED light

Today, most people are choosing LED lights for their energy efficiency, their design advantages, their controllability and other additional factors. On the tech side, LED lights have higher quantity and quality light output and the spectrum continues to advance day after day. As a matter of fact, LED lighting has continued to move ahead by bounds and heaps with the latest models achieving truly amazing light output levels per watt consumed. And with that said, it is advisable you have a checklist on hand when purchasing one of the systems.

What is LED lights?

LED lighting refers to the tiny diodes usually attached to circuit boards. You can purchase the lighting system complete or in tubes and rails, single pedants and flood lights. They also come in many different colors and intensities.

The price of LED lights ranges between a few Singapore dollars for the simple LED lights and thousands of Singapore dollars for the automatic ones on repeated schedules. Generally, the lighting systems are long lasting meaning that you will not have to change them often and as a result you will save money. They are also energy efficient and produce only a little heat.

Here are tips on how to choose LED lighting


When purchasing a LED lighting system, quality is one of the main factors that you should consider. You should consider the quality of the material making the light lens and the level of transparency which allows better light transmission. Further, you should check whether the unit is durable. Ensure that the unit will not degrade easily when exposed to some elements like saltwater. If the unit is waterproof check what is its rating and whether the mounting brackets are secure and strong and ensure that they will prevent the unit from any accidental mishaps.

Possibly, you can have good operational specs but mostly this is marginal in the difference versus the comparably priced items. If the units suffers or fails downtime due to poor material or engineering their performance advantage will be less important.

Their expected lifespan

LED lighting systems have longer lifespan because you won’t have any bulbs to replace. But you should also check whether the manufacturer is offering some guarantee and read the conditions. Furthermore, you should have a backup just in case you buy a failed unit. Be comfortable with the type of guarantee you get and know the reputation of the company you are purchasing from and the quality of their products.

The cooling systems

The lightings systems require more efficient heat sinks and therefore it is important you understand how the system is cooled especially for the high wattage system. The average operational temperatures directly influence the LED lighting system’s lifespan. Check whether the unit is fan cooled and if this is so, make sure that the fan is moving sufficient amount of air to cater the heat sink area provided. Also ensure that you are aware of how quiet the system operates. And if the LED lighting system is passively cooled, check the configuration of the housing to ensure that there is efficient heat removal. The cooling system should do this perfectly over a large area.

Types of LED lighting systems

The light spectrum of the light system you are expecting to keep is important. Marine and freshwater systems require an optimal spectral mix and the greater varieties of LED lights are usually better. Ensure that the system has enough power to penetrate up to the depth of the aquarium you are planning to install it on and adequate light distribution you are planning the area your coral or plants require.

Updatable technology

It is important to check whether you can update the unit once the LED technology is available. While this may sound prettier cool, it can be as costly as buying a new system with full warranty and other benefits. The new LED technology is advancing regularly but it may require different drivers to run it for optimal performance. Check whether your current housing will be able to cool it efficiently. Systems made by reputable companies are only that: systems. The engineering and the design objectives are usually set and optimizing a system for a technology that does not exist can be hard.


What are the control features that the system is offering and which ones are you looking for. For serious enthusiasts, the more complex intercommunication that exists in the hardware has benefits and stimulation, but it can be different for the beginners. Ask yourself whether the features are important in maintaining the health of your animals and plants and maintaining their growth.

In fact, there are some other factors that you can consider, but the guideline should guide you in making informed and clear decisions when purchasing LED lighting systems for your Aquarium.
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