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5 Best Kept Secrets On Choosing The Ultimate Lighting For Offices

It does not matter if your office is located in your residential or commercial premises. In both cases, lighting must be done in the best way possible. Lighting is not only considered to be a sight aid for any person using an office, but a beauty complement as well. In this regard, it is your obligation to ensure that you choose the friendliest form of lighting for your office. Instead of focusing on the obvious office lighting strategies, it is better to give the whole thing a twist. In other words, you should try to focus on the prevailing office lighting trends. That way, your office will appear very appealing and more so elegant. The environment in the office will also be conducive as compared to when you would have employed the old lighting strategies.

Ultimate Lighting For Offices

Below are some of the best kept office lighting secrets:

• Natural Light is An Ultimate Office Complement

Most people tend to overlook the essence of natural light when searching for the best office lighting ideas. Little did they know that natural light has a lot to do with overall complementing of your office. Actually, there are a couple of benefits linked to natural light for office use. To begin with, this type of light is warm by nature. As long as it is channeled to your office in the right way, natural light will certainly provide you with a warm environment. Secondly, natural light is free of charge. This means that you will evade the heavy monthly bills especially if you work from your office for the longest part of the day. If you are privileged to have your office located in a naturally lit place, then monthly bills will not be something to worry about. Important to note, you can always use translucent or tinted curtains if natural light seems to be too much for your eyes to bear.

• LED Lights are Preferable

If you are not privileged to have access to natural light in your office, then you might want to consider LED bulbs as an ideal alternative. LED lights are known to offer warm artificial light hence rendering them the best option for office use. However, this does not imply that all LED lights can work for offices. Some of the lights are meant for outdoor purposes while others can be used indoors. In a different note, some LED lights produce little light hence they cannot be used in offices. In this regard, it is important to ensure that the LED lights you choose offer illumination that is indeed comfortable for office use. Fluorescent tubes are considered best for overhead lighting in offices. This is because such tubes are able to disseminate light properly hence covering a wide scope. LED bulbs on the other hand can be used for side lighting in your office. Several of them can be installed to offer ample lighting.

Ultimate Lighting For Offices

• Angular Positioning of Lights is Imperative

The position of light source in your office is something that must always be accounted for. This is something that most people tend to forget. Indirect lighting at this juncture is considered the best. Why? If you combine direct light with the illumination from your computer, the results will be massive eye constraints. In fact, this can be a big threat to the health of your eyes. It is for this very reason that you must avoid using direct light in your office. You might want to consider filters or shades on your office lights. If not so, you can consider installing overhead bulbs. The aforementioned strategies will certainly work in reducing the light intensity. Some people may opt to bounce light against the wall in order to avoid direct illumination. Whichever strategy you opt for, you must avoid direct light in your office.

• Wall Color Is A Determining Factor For Office Lighting

Some people do not hold much importance when it comes to determining the color of your office walls. This is because they do not understand that the color used on office walls is a core determinant on the nature of lighting you will eventually get. It is imperative to note that some colors have the capacity to bounce back light while others absorb it. Basically, bright colors, like white, are known to give a perfect light bouncing and reflection. Dark colors, like brown and black, absorb the light instead. If your intention is to use bulbs with low light intensity, it would be best to consider bright color on your walls. This will, in some way, magnify the illumination hence beefing up visibility in your office. If you have opted for bright lights, a dull color on your office walls is preferable. This will help in absorbing and eventually toning down the light to something bearable. In a nutshell, wall color selection is very vital and must not be overlooked.

• Office Size Should Dictate The Amount of Light To Use

Another very important factor to consider when choosing the ultimate office lighting is the size. Some offices, especially the residential ones, may feature limited space. Such offices are usually congested in nature. Commercial offices on the other hand may be big enough. The bottom line is that office lighting has to be done with regard to the space available and the overall size.
For small offices, it is advised that you employ few light sources as opposed to many. This is because using many light sources means exaggerated illumination. Note that the more bulbs you use in your office, the higher the amount of light you will get. This may be discomforting. For large offices, you might consider using several light sources. Better still, you can use brighter bulbs. Why? Light will be required to cover a wider scope evenly. At this juncture, you can consider installing both overhead and side lights. Bright wall colouring may also be deemed necessary.


Office lighting is all about doing things strategically and thoughtfully. As long as all factors are properly accounted for, office lighting is certainly an easy task.

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We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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