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6 Biggest Lies On LED Lighting

Light emitting diodes are simply semiconductors that have an ability to emit light. Although they offer many functional and cost benefits, the lighting industry is forced to deal with misconceptions, outright lies and myths about a product that has changed how people live. Here are some of the lies about LED that you will mostly come across.

6 Biggest Lies On LED Lighting

Lie number 1: LEDs do not save power

The amount of light consumed by LED lighting bulbs is about 1/10 of what’s consumed by compact fluorescent bulbs. These figures get better with time. After all, it’s good to understand that LED systems are chips and physics, together with history state that their prices will continue going downwards while their performance and efficiency will go up over time. Fluorescent bulbs are simply vacuum tubes which do not get better with time. They use just about 10 percent of the energy that’s fed into them to create light while the rest is wasted in the form of heat. The inefficiency that’s offered by traditional bulbs definitely adds up over time. Businesses from around the world are spending billions of dollars every year to power these bulbs yet they aren’t connected to a network that can dim them when light is not required. As a result, massive wastage is suffered. Facilities managers are finding it beneficial in the long run, nut just cost wise but also in terms of productivity by switching to LED lighting.

Lie number 2: Light emitting diode systems don’t work

Up to now, manufacturers of television sets, cars and street lights have switched to LED lighting and the reason for them doing this is to reduce the amount of energy that’s used for lighting. These manufacturers have also gone a step further to select LED lighting because of their versatility and ability to withstand everyday lighting conditions. LED’s do not shatter no matter the situation, unlike other type of bulbs. Moreover, they don’t contain gases such as mercury which can e4asily snap up. What’s even more interesting is the fact that LED lighting can last for up to 50,000 hours, hundreds of times better than other forms of lighting that are used in normal lighting scenarios.

Lie number 3: LED isn’t just any other type of a light bulb

While some people regard LEDs as just other types of lighting bulbs, the reality is that they are computers that can easily be programmed to offer optimal lighting while saving costs for the users. A system can be attached to an LED system which dims lights when there is enough natural lighting and when no physical movements are detected on a certain space. Also, the lights are multi- directional and can be adjusted to face the direction which you want. In the long run, power consumers will be at a position to experience reduced power costs due to minimized usage. Also, there will be limited amount used for maintenance as the bulbs can run for years without necessitating the most basis of maintenance routines.

6 Biggest Lies On LED Lighting

Lie number 4: LEDs are exorbitantly priced

While the initial costs of installing LED lighting is considerably higher, the cost benefits which can be achieved in the long term are massive. It costs higher to buy and install these systems, but the cost benefit that’s derived over time is immense. However, governments have realized how important it is to save energy and have chipped in to provide their citizens with incentives which helps them acquire LED lighting systems at an affordable cost. The rebates which are offered by governments target home and business owners who are willing to invest in systems that would save them a considerable amount of money. With high level of involvements by power supplies companies and governments, there is every indication about the cost of LEDs lighting coming down drastically. Although LED bulbs are not part of these utility programs, the cost is nonetheless spiraling downwards. And the amount which is saved annually by using these bulbs can recoup the cost of these bulbs in just a few years of use.

Lie number 5: LED is a plot orchestrated by governments

One big lie about LED is that it’s a program proposed by the world’s leading governments such as Australia, Canada, Europe China and many more. However, with people getting to know why they should consider using LED lighting, residents of Singapore and other parts of the world are embracing it. The long list of plot that’s mostly provided should be enough to implore the notion of a plot. As a matter of fact, technologies that are considered to be safe, efficient and cost effective are normally adopted as opposed to outdated and expensive to run options. Instead, consumers will try moving towards LEDs because of the massive capabilities which they can offer. As LED technology g is getting adopted, there will be an opportunity to integrate motion sensors into the light emitting diode bulbs and turning light emitting diode nodes to enhance security systems. These add to the many awesome benefits that are offered everyday.

Lie number 6: LED lighting is very bright

Some people have a notion that LED lighting is excessively brighter. This can be attributed to the fact that a sight of a single chip may appear many times brighter than a conventional source of light. But it’ s quite essential to comprehend that manufacturers if these systems design a light bulb with the application in mind, so they are at a position to provide you with the quality and level of brightness that you need. Also, LED lighting can be dimmed to suit specific level of brightness which a person would want to achieve. Whether they are half lies, myths or complete lies, these myths about LRD lighting should be put to rest. There is no doubt that LED has revolutionized the way we live and will continue being part of most lighting applications that desire to achieve efficiency. No matter the specific industry, LED lighting is most likely to become a dominant source of light. In the middle to long run, massive savings can be achieved. LED is also getting attractive because of the massive government incentives that are offered.

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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