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7 Reasons To Install LED Lighting For Your Warehouse

It is an undeniable fact that a warehouse with poor lighting conditions is a place that is ripe for errors. A warehouse is a crucial place of operation whose efficiency is a determinant of the success or failure of the business. A typical warehouse has a batch of operations including value addition to products, packaging, receiving, picking and shipping. Of course, some obvious functions such as paperwork and light product assembly falls into the activity list of the warehouse.

In view of the duties that are carried out in the warehouse, it is important that adequate lighting is provided in this area of work. However, lighting a warehouse is at times a tricky venture owing to a large number of activities that happen in one place. If you own a store in Singapore, then you are fully aware of this challenge. The section where paperwork is done requires different lighting from the area where goods are repackaged. Similarly, a storage area of the warehouse requires less light than paths and sections designated for movement.


LED for warehouse lighting

Light Emitting Diodes commonly abbreviated as LEDs, are simple, small electronic bulbs that are used for many purposes (other than illumination). It is worth noting that they are an electronic advancement that came recently. Although the technology had been around for a moment, it had not been thought of as a solution to light our environment. LEDs operate differently from their traditional counterparts, the incandescent lighting bulbs.

The primary concern in any warehouse facility is efficiency. Employees and other staff working in a warehouse need to see clearly, and most of all identify colors quickly. Poor lighting does not allow for easy identification and causes eye strain. LED lighting is a solution to this problem. It provides proper color rendering, which is the ability to represent the true and actual colors of an object.
Additionally, the lighting inside a warehouse needs to be done tactfully. Think of this as the distribution of lights in the building. You would want to do it such that it is uniform. It does not necessarily mean that you have to use the same number LEDs per unit area. Instead, it should be done such that the forklift drivers can easily look at stacks up and down without any difficulty or adjusting their eyes.

There are many factors concerning warehouse lighting that must be put into consideration. However, let’s take a quick look at seven reasons to install LED lighting for your warehouse.

1. Efficiency

LED lighting is the most efficient technology as far as lighting technologies are concerned. They have been found to be extremely efficient and consume less energy going as low as 10% of what the incandescent bulbs use. Owing to this fact, Singapore warehouse owners are set to save drastically on energy costs. Despite the fact that LEDs may cost a little more as compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, the costs incurred can be recapped through the savings that are realized through lower energy costs.


2. Longevity

Another outstanding benefit of LED lighting is the fact that they last for a long period. The average lifetime expectation of an LED bulb is 100,000 hours. To say the least, this is an incredibly longer time than anybody would have thought. It translates to 11 years of non-stop operation or an equivalent of 22 or more years if they are not used during the day and the weekends. Practically, this implies that at the very minimum, you will have to replace the bulbs after ten years. Unlike the standard lighting, the LEDs do not burn out or dim after prolonged use.

3. Durable quality

Most warehouses undertake a lot of manual work, involving moving trucks and goods, leading to a dusty environment. Ordinary lighting is susceptible to such problems. So you will notice that a bulb somehow failed to light due to the accumulation of dust or moisture. LEDs on the other hand, are manufactured from sturdy components and are rugged to withstand even the toughest environmental conditions. You will discover that most external lighting constitutes LED light as it is resistant to external impacts, vibrations, and shocks. You might have noticed that traffic lights work efficiently even in bad weather, rain, and wind, through to vandalism. This is because they are made of LEDs.

4. Flexibility

Ordinary lighting poses a challenge in terms of design flexibility. Remember, you want to arrange the bulbs so as to get different effects for various places. LED lights are easier to organize, and can be arranged in any shape to produce an illumination that is spot on. You can even dim a section of LEDs just to give you the desired light distribution, control and color combination. It gets even better as you can achieve more fantastic results suitable for a productive work environment.

LED Light For WareHouse

5. Ecologically friendly

Older technologies of light bulbs were hazardous and contained harmful substances such as mercury in them. Such chemicals are harmful to man and the environment. LED lighting is not manufactured with toxic materials. It is has been found that the materials used to produce this kind of lighting is completely recyclable and can help cut down on the carbon footprint by a third.

6. Light dispersement

Rays of light produced by the LEDs come out in a way that they focus in a single direction. As compared to conventional lighting, LEDs are much better as you can use as much or as few of them as you desire to point light to a single direction. Ordinary light bulbs send light to a larger area and require reflectors to focus light on a single direction.

7. Instant lighting for frequent switching

LEDs light up faster to fully brighten when they are powered on. This is a feature that makes this technology better than the traditional lighting where you would have to wait for several minutes for the fluorescent tube to light. On a bad day, light bulbs blow up when they are switched on and off many times. This is highly inefficient and disappointing for any business owner. LEDs are have since overtaken their older bulb counterparts as the lifetime and performance is not affected by continued switching. Safety experts have found LEDs to be safe for use in infrastructure environments such as warehouses and construction. Since they do not generate any heat, they can be left on for days, and you can still touch them with your bare hands without any consequence (fires or burns). Managers, employees, designers, and owners agree that the bottom-line of lighting a warehouse is efficiency. What better solution than with LEDs?

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We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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