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Benefits Of LED Lighting

The most exciting and latest technological development in lighting industry is the introduction of LED or Light Emitting Diodes based lighting systems. A LED is a long lasting small bulb that emits solid light in an energy efficient manner. The operation of LEDs is different from the traditionally used incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes because they are more durable and stronger than the latter ones. Today Light Emitting Diodes are used for lighting a number of applications like aerospace, residential, automotives, architectures, broadcasting, aviation, entertainment, electronic instrumentation, gaming, military, transportation, traffic and safety and industrial controls and automation etc. In this way LED lightings offer a number of benefits as compared to various types of traditionally used lighting systems including neon, fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Some of their benefits may include:

Energy efficiency:

LED lightings consume nearly 90% less electric power than traditional lighting systems which make them are extremely energy efficient. They dramatically save lots of your money by consuming very little power than the light bulbs you were using until now. They are also used popularly in solar lighting systems due to low consumption of power to provide light.

Long lifespan:
The lifespan of LEDs is many times more than that of traditional bulbs. Light emitting diodes can be used up to 60,000 hours whereas bulbs can be used only up to 1,500 hours. You need not replace an LED for many years. This reduces the cost of maintenance of Led lightings as compared to traditionally used lighting systems.


Instead of using neon gas or a filament, a semiconductor material is used in LEDs to make them solid state lighting devices. These lights are far durable than traditional bulbs and tubes because of a tiny chip enclosed in an enclosure containing epoxy resin. They can easily bear vibration, extreme temperatures and shocks because no delicate material is used in them including filament or glass etc.


Most important benefit of LEDs is the safety of the users. They are cool to touch even if they are illuminated for several hours as virtually they generate no or very little heat as compared to traditional bulbs. Traditional bulbs are hot to touch because they emit 90% energy consumed in the form of heat. Thus LED lightings safer than traditional lights as they reduce the risk of fires and burns.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Environment friendly:

The non-toxic and recyclable materials used in LEDs make them environment friendly as compared to traditional tubes in which mercury is used to emit light which is dangerous for environment.

Variety of colours:

The base colour of LED lights may be of different colours like green, red, amber and blue whereas filters were used to get different coloured lights from traditional light bulbs. Moreover LEDs can be used to produce large variety of colour options by blending them together. Though initial cost of LED lightings is a bit higher than traditional bulb and tubes but their long life span, low maintenance cost and low energy consumption can help in recovering it with time. The future of LEDs is bright as they can replace traditional lighting systems due to their benefits discussed above. They are rapidly replacing traditional lightings in residential and commercial establishments. According to various studies they can reduce energy consumption to more than 50% as the brightness of their light is increasing day-by-day due to further technological developments.

Choosing right LED in Singapore

The benefits of LED lightings can be availed in Singapore by choosing right LED. While choosing right LEDs you will have to consider certain factors like size and colour temperature of the space and luminescence of the light. Some tips are provided here under to help you in this regard.

Right dimension of the space:

While choosing right LED you must have right dimension of the space so that you can locate it appropriately and yourself from a number of possible issues. In order to get the best results you will have to place the LED lighting at appropriate angle and location so that it can provide right amount of light where required.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Luminescence of LED:

Another important factor to consider while finding right LED lighting is its luminescence to compare their brightness. The brightness of LEDs is measured in terms of their luminescence or lumens instead of watts used for traditional bulbs and tubes. The light of 7W LED will be brighter than 7W fluorescent tube. A rough estimate of brightness and watts used in LED lighting, given here under, can help you in choosing the right one for your place.

3W LED can be used in lamp shades or candle lights due to their low brightness
5w LED can be used in colour changing bulbs and down-lights
6W LED can be commonly used for lighting corridors and bedrooms
7W LED can be used to provide brighter light in the bedrooms and accent lighting
12W LED is commonly used where lots of light is required or as downlights from very high ceilings.

Colour temperature:

The last thing to be considered while finding the right LED lighting in Singapore is its colour temperature which varies between 2700K and 6000K. The feel of light at 2700K can warm up your mood whereas the light at 6000K will give brightness like daylight. You should consider colour temperature of an LED complementing the paint, decor and furniture in the room.

Use of LEDs in Singapore

In Singapore LEDs are normally used in covelights, downlights and light tubes.

They are used from the ceiling to give a hotel like feel in the residential location. LED lightings are available in different types and shapes to be used as down lights. You should consider their wattage and colour to choose the right one for your space.


In order to create glowing effect LEDs are used in covelights at commercial as well as residential units. They can be used in strip form to create a glow at any place at reasonable cost.

Light tubes:

These LED lightings include a driver and a holder to work as light tubes commonly used as down lights or light on study table.

Thus LED lightings are used in Singapore in various forms to illuminate the residential as well as commercial properties when selected right on the basis of the tips provided in this write-up.

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

Call our lighting specialists for lighting and ceiling fan advice. We are always here to help you
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