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Giving Your Home That New Look With Led Lights

Led lighting is one of the best ways of brightening your house and bringing that enjoyable and happy feeling. While led lights can be expensive, their long lasting nature makes them profitable in the long run. Led lights do not only save money because of their long lasting nature, they save almost 80% of the energy cost.  Led lights technology brings the efficiency compared to the normal lights in the market and offers very many advantages when used in homes. Most owners would like their homes to have the modern and stylish look in all aspects and areas of the home. Lighting is a very important aspect of how the home look. The type of light you decide to use will not only affect your comfort when staying in the house but also improve the attractiveness of your home to a person who has come to visit. To most modern home builders and designers, led light brings out the best finish you can want in a well-built house.

New Look With Led Lights

There are a number of advantages that come with installing led lights in your home. Some of the most talked about advantages are:


Led are very much energy efficient compared to the traditional lights. They consume almost 90% less than the traditional lights which represent a very big energy saving to any home. Money is also saved when it comes to maintenance of the lights and replacements. As much as led has a higher initial cost, the cost is more effective in the long run.


Led lights are very safe as they produce no heat. They can, therefore, be okay to touch and the home owner will have no worry when it comes to safety issues in the house. The other traditional lights will produce out over 80% of the energy they use which can be very harmful. Production of a lot of heat can also bring discomfort during hot temperature which is common in Singapore.

Improving the value of the home

Led lights bring a wonderful atmosphere to the house which can attract potential buyers for people thinking of selling their homes. The first impression to the buyer is always important when it comes to deciding whether to buy a house or not. Having those lights that bring out the warmth and energy of the house will most definitely attract people who are interested in buying the house leading to value shooting up.


Led is made from materials that are non-toxic making it friendly to the environment. It is also possible to recycle these materials making them green. Using led lights, therefore, contributes a lot to the safety not only of the home but also of the environment.

New Look With Led Lights

Design flexibility

Led can be combined with any house design in the market. You can also decide on the amount of light you are looking for. The effects can also be put to conform to the function of the room. Different rooms can have a completely different look and lighting which can be achieved well with the led lights.

Light focus

You can easily achieve to focus light to a certain area of the house. Led light which is well designed can easily deliver light to the desired area without any complication. With these enormous advantages, the initial cost of adopting the led lights in your home might just be worth it in the long run.

There are different types of led lights in the market which can be used depending on the area of the home and the purpose of lighting.

Below are types of led lights based on customer needs.

Application specific

These are made based on the application of the light. They are specific to the customer's needs.

Miniature LED
LED strips

Mostly used for decorations.

Directional type
Conversion type.
Led candle bulb
Led spots
Led G bulb
Led corn bulb
Led tubes
The led panel lights
Led flat tubes
Depending on what you want for your home improvement and renovation of lights, led has a variety that will surely meet what you are looking for. The designers will always provide advice on the type of led which is suitable for every area of your house. For a person who is not very experienced in dealing with the led lights, there are some basic factors you should consider before buying led to use in your home.

New Look With Led Lights


Led is available in very many colors. Understanding the color factor when buying led is important. The room or the area you are going to use the led on should determine the color of led you choose.

Power consumption

There are many factors that affect the power consumption of a led bulb. The factors that will affect the power consumption include the color rating, bulb power factor, and the beam angle.

Area of use
Where you are going to use the led is the most important factor when determining which type to buy. Different areas of the home will require different amount and design of lighting which will need accurate selection on the type of led to purchase.

Home improvement with led lights can only be successful if you get a professional company with enough experience to do your work. There are a good number of companies that offer the service in Singapore but not all of them will give the same outcome if hired. Finding the right company to do your work will determine the outcome of the work. Find out if the company is licensed to operate such a business before contracting them. Understand their track record by getting information from the previous customers who have dealt with the company. The cost levied by the contractor is also a factor as you are looking for a company that falls within your budget. Cost, however, should not be the main factor when settling down on the company to give you service as some of them might charge low cost at the same time giving poor service. It is, therefore, important to balance cost and reputation.

In conclusion

Led have very many advantages. For people looking at giving their houses that new look, adopting led lights will surely improve a lot in your homes.

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I was renovating my home and i was introduced to install my LED lighting from LED Light Singapore. I am very impressed with the way they handled their customer. The LED lights were installed and working properly. All i can say is they are a very reliable and efficient lighting company.
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I was introduced to LED Lighting Singapore by my mother in law. The sales man Derrick came down and advice us on the lighting placement and also what type of LED light is suitable for my condo. They supply and installed my LED lighting and i am very happpy with their workmanship and after ales service. Impressive.
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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

Call our lighting specialists for lighting and ceiling fan advice. We are always here to help you
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