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How Long Can LED Lighting Typically Last?

LED lamps have long been regarded as the next generation of lighting. It seems that it is in their destiny to eventually replace the compact fluorescent and incandescent light sources of today. Moreover, manufacturers of the Light Emitting Diode lamps make interesting claims as to their lifespan. Typically, incandescent bulbs last anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. However, when it comes to Light Emitting Diode lamps, manufacturers routinely quote a lamp life between 25,000 and 50,000. The reason this technology is so promising is because of this long lamp life, and the fact that the same amount of life is created using reduced power.

How Long Can LED Lighting Typically Last?

LEDs Have Anywhere Between A 23,000 & 50,000 Hour Average Life:
In comparison to other lighting technology, LED not only last a lot longer but also tend to be highly efficient too. For instance, a halogen 50 watt bulb has an average life between 1,000 hours and 2,000 hours, which is approximately 1 to 2 years on average. On the other hand, most Light Emitting Diode lamps have an average life of up to 50,000 hours, which is approximately 50 years of average usage.

In comparison to traditional lamps, Light Emitting Diode lamps tend to be relatively expensive at first, but the cost of the lamps is usually covered by the savings in energy and replacement costs. Light Emitting Diode lamps also tend to be convenient since a bulb does not have to be changed for at least 30 years.

Thus, over the lifespan of an average Light Emitting Diode lamp, the savings eventually add up since around 10% of the energy that filament/halogen bulbs consume is used by LED lamps.

Why Do Light Emitting Diode Lamps Have Such A Long Life?
Light Emitting Diodes do not have any evaporation of electrical components, filaments, metal fatigue or oxidation. Filament/halogen bulbs happen to be fragile and it becomes necessary to handle them like eggs.

Light Emitting Diodes are built on substrate semiconductor materials like Gallium-Arsenide, containing a positive (P) and negative (N) doped region. As a result of the passing of current through the PN junction, electrons jump to higher atomic energy states. After returning to the ground state, light is emitted in the form photons.

Since this phenomenon generates very little heat so very little energy is consumed. There tend to be no problematic filaments in LEDs, nothing is altered or changed, no wear or tear, so they continue working for outstandingly long lengths of time.

What Defines The Lifespan Of Light Emitting Diode Lighting?
The fact that manufacturers claim that their Light Emitting Diode lamps can last up to 50,000 hours does not mean that they will just burn out like incandescent bulbs upon approaching 50,000 hours.

There is actually no set way in which the life of an LED lamp can be defined. That is because unlike incandescent bulbs, Light Emitting Diode lamps do not burn out, although in extremely rare cases failure may occur. Instead of burning out, the brightness of Light Emitting Diode lamps gradually fades.

Thus, having a 50,000 hour lifespan actually means that upon approaching 50,000 hours of usage, LED lamps begin emitting light at around 70% capacity. It is assumed that at this point, a decrease in brightness is noticed by people.

What Factors Affect The Lifespan Of Light Emitting Diode Lamps?
The lifespan of Light Emitting Diode lamps is shortened if they operate at a high temperature, generally above 60 C, while their efficiency is also decreased. In fact, Light Emitting Diode lamps operate more efficiently and last longer if they are operating at colder temperatures.

Therefore, whenever Light Emitting Diode lamps are chosen, they should be fitted in such a way that heat is effective dissipated away from them. It is usually helpful if there are aluminium bulb housings. Moreover, heat dissipates better if the house is larger and there are more fins. That is the reason that the size of bulb housing tends to be larger to accommodate an LED lamp of a higher power/wattage.Light Emitting Diode lamps can also get damaged by fluctuation in the supply, as a result of which their lifespan is shortened.

Fortunately, modern Light Emitting Diode lamps contain built-in constant current chips that safeguard them from such damage. In fact, there even tends to be a constant current chip in certain 240V LED bulbs/fittings. LED drivers are also available that can be used to power Light Emitting Diode lamps that do not contain this chip.

Thus, the bottom line is that while the average lifespan of LED lighting can be anywhere between 25,000 and 50,000, it does not necessarily mean that they have to be replaced immediately at that point. Instead of burning out, simply their brightness decreases, but they can still last quite longer until their brightness completely fades away.

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We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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