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How To Choose Lighting For Office

Today’s office space is more than just a room to work. This is because at will, you can easily set it up in manner to make it comfortable for relaxing, reading, holding meeting, making video calls, catching up on work and non work related mails and even watching TV in amongst other things.

Taking into consideration the versatile nature you can turn your office, it is important to understand the fact that : apart from going out of your way to get the best furniture items to accommodate the above mentioned functions, it is equally important to focus on making sure the lighting of the office area is right. Simply put, the office lighting should be completely harmonized with the rest of the office (or the rest of the home in the case of a home office). Harmonization of your office lighting is very important since upon furnishing it will the right furniture items, it is the lighting that will provide that much sort after sense of welcoming atmosphere and comfort.

One way to make sure that you get your office lighting right is to employ a professional interior designer with vast experience and a smart layered approach to office lighting. Decorating your office can be such a challenging feat taking into consideration the wide choice of furniture items, artwork pieces and electrical appliances to choose from. While most people normally choose to hire interior designers, others choose to decorate their office space by themselves.


In case you are thinking of decorating your office space by yourself, below are a few tips on how to choose lighting for office meant to help you get the office lighting right.

a. Consider the Style of your business

What is your style of business? Is your style of business fun and quirky or clean and professional? Take time to evaluate your style of business and factor in the attributes when choosing your lighting fixtures. For instance, you can opt for a cobalt blue lamp to liven up the space assuming your business has a bold kind of flair. In case you are looking to go slightly more professional and have your office associated with a modern sense of comfort as far as lighting is concerned then incorporate clear or steel lamps since besides making the office lighting more appealing, they will also add a clean, chic vibe to your office space.

b. Consider the available space

Take time to carefully assess the available space at your disposal. Find out if you have a large space that would require extra lighting amongst other things. Once you are familiar with the space available, in case you are interested in incorporating floor lamps for instance in to your office area, make sure that they are set to provide direct light when need be. Also make sure that the lamps that you settle for will not take up any space on the working area. In case you have a small space, you won’t need to worry about extra lighting. A table lamp would serve as a perfect addition to your office space.

Lighting For Office

c. Natural light

Does your office space have a lot of windows? If yes, this means there will be a lot of light pouring into your space. In such a case, you will only require one or two decorative lamps. In case your office space is dark settle for pendant lighting. Most people love the sight of a pendant light serving as a focal point whenever they walk into your living space.

d. Unsightly Cords

Choose lighting appliances which do not have several cords for connection to power outlets. Do not let cords ruin the design of you office by having several lighting items with unsightly cords all over your working space. Choose lamps that once positioned will have all their cords hidden behind the desks. In addition to this when positioning your furniture, take into serious consideration where you intend to be plugging in your lighting appliances.

e. Mix things up

In case your office allows, feel free to set up a mix of lamp and ambient lighting. This you can easily achieve by lighting a pendant or better yet a chandelier to spice things up a little.

Office Light

f. Exercise Consistency in your lighting color choice

Choose similarly colored bulbs to light up your office space. Doing so is very important because it will help make sure that your office lighting does not create a cohesive feel. Simply put, avoid a lighting setup in which you have different colors from different sources converging within your office. For instance, you have yellow light coming out of your lamp while the pedant produces white light and some blue LED light coming from another light source all within the same room.

In addition to the above, for ambient lighting in your office, take into serious consideration the manner in which the space is generally lit. Also remember that your light source can be anything from a candle, electric light fixture to the sun shining through a window into your office space and casting natural light into your designated work area in the process interacting with the room’s colors and furnishings. While setting up your office lighting keep in mind the fact that lightly colored surfaces have a tendency of reflecting light, darkly colored surfaces absorb light while matte finishes diffuse light. Glossy surfaces on the other hand act as mirrors so use all of this to your advantage when working on your office lighting to make sure its properly illuminated.

Finish off your office lighting using a desktop lamp or better yet an upright lamp fitted with a shade. Keep in mind, choosing such a set up for your office will make it more comfortable and least stressful especially if you intend to spend more time in it either working or sorting out other things. For the best visual comfort, especially when working in front of a computer, consider getting uniform lighting. In fact, in terms of brightness, make sure that the room illumination is closest to your screen illumination. That said, I hope, the above highlighted points will help you set up the right lighting for your office.

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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