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How To Choose The Right Lighting Fixtures For Condos?

Good lighting plays a key role in helping make your condo more appealing and comfortable. Using proper lighting and right fixtures can make or break space and can either make it look cheery and bright or dull, drab and outdated. Good lighting helps set the mood of a given space by not just by the light it emits but also by the actual light fixtures. Light fixtures helps bring fun and fashion to space. However, if you are wondering how to choose the right lighting fixtures for condo, considering the design and function of the light fixture is important to help you find the right one.

Lighting Fixtures For Condos

Choosing the Right Lighting fixture for Condos

Chandeliers: This type of lighting fixture usually involves more than one bulb. They are available in different styles for every design expression. Some of them are designed with down lights to provide task lighting or to be used as accent for table setting. Available in different sizes, chandeliers are often showy in design (dripping crystals or shimmery sleek chrome arms) and tend to draw attention when you enter the room. However, since condos have a limited amount of space, always choose a chandelier that not more than six foot glass creation. Install it in place that has high ceiling or a loft type set up. They can be used as a center piece in the living room or dining room where people will notice right away.

Rail Lights:

These types of light fixtures have a row of lights that are attached to a track or a single bar. The rail lights can be attached to the wall or ceiling and the separate fixtures can be used to highlight certain areas of the room. If you are looking for lights that can brighten the crannies and the shadowy nooks in your condo, rail lights prove to be a great option. Rail lights look best in living rooms where they can be used to focus on any decor or sculpture or help you create any type of mood you want.


This type of lighting fixture is perfect choice for kitchen, dining room, game tables or other work areas of your condo. Pendant lighting provide both general and task lighting and provides the proper type of lighting according toy your work. Equipped with globes and shades to avoid glare, pendant lights are hanging light fixtures that hang down on a long poll or wire to level that closer to the eye. Since most pendant lights are highly decorative, they can be used in a condo to help you complete your design scheme. In addition, if you are looking for some direct lighting in your condo, using pendant lights fixture can prove to be a perfect choice.


This type of lighting fixture is attached to the wall .It does not use any ground space but only utilizes wall space for support. If your condo has a lot of wall space, using scones will help light them. When used in the bedroom of your condo, this type of lighting fixture combines well with ceiling lights and allows you to switch between both, according to your needs and requirements. Sconces are an ideal option for all those who are looking for minimal lighting in their condo or wish to add drama to a place. Using this type of lighting fixture in your condo will help add distinction and flair to hallways, dining areas, bedrooms, baths and living areas.

However, when choosing scones for your condo, taking note of the style of sconces and your existing décor is important to enhance a given space and give your condo a touch of style.

Pin lights:

This type of lighting fixtures is usually uses as accessory lighting. When used in a condo, pin lights help create a mysterious and intimate mood in a room. A great option for hallway or bedroom, pin lights can also be used along with the existing lighting schemes in different areas around the condo.

Lighting Fixtures For Condos

Tips to Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures for Condos

For Living Room

· Use a chandelier to create a focal point. Ensure that it matches the style and décor of the room.
· Using rail lights will help you change the mood in seconds
· Use scones to highlight certain accent details or a piece of art.
· Always use permanent light fixtures
· If possible, consider having a dimmer switch.

For the Entryway

· If you have a big entry way, use one pendant light fixture
· To brighten the entry way, opt for rail lights
· Use accent lights to highlight the beauty artwork displayed on the walls of the entryway.

For Dining rooms

· Use low hanging pendant light above the dining table
· Consider using scones to light up your drawing room
· Using rail lights will help make your dining room larger than its original size.

For the Kitchen

· Consider having more than one pendant lights
· Consider combing rail lights and pin lights to brighten up your kitchen
· Use separate rail lights to spot light your work space

For the Bedroom

· Use pin lights to create an eye catching backdrop in your bedroom
· If you are looking for something different, use pendant lights instead of lamps
· Using a style setting chandelier will provide ambient light in the bedroom.

For the Bathroom

· Install scones above or beside the vanity mirror to ensure proper light
· Use lighting fixtures in a way that it helps illuminate the bath area as well as provide consistent lighting for everything you do in front of the mirror or at the sink.
· Choose lighting fixture according to the style, color and design of your bathroom.

There are different varieties of lighting fixtures that are available in stores as well as online. To choose the right type of lighting fixture for your condo, it is important that you determine what your lighting goals. Buying lighting fixtures according to the function you want your lighting to serve is one of the best ways to add lighting to your condo and give your space a sense of warmth and life.

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