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How To Choose The Right Lighting For Restaurant

A restaurant can be a place that serves many purposes. Some company executives choose to hold their board meetings in a restaurant. Other couples select the restaurant as a perfect date venue. The restaurant can offer a special opportunity for two people to enjoy their time together. It is a place that receives visitors throughout the day. For that reason, the restaurant lighting is a critical factor. The light of the restaurant will depend on various aspects. All in all, there must be some light, which allows people to see each other and know what they are eating. So what are the things that you will need to consider when finding lighting for your restaurant? 


Based on the design and style
The style and design of the restaurant will highly determine the lighting that will be fitted. Some lighting must accompany the theme of the restaurant. For instance, if the theme of the restaurant is gold/brown, then the most suitable lighting will be the warm type. With this, there will be a perfect match between the lighting and the theme of the restaurant. So, if you are looking for the perfect restaurant lighting, you will want to consider the design and style of that restaurant. 

The Kitchen area
One thing you should always know about the kitchen is that it is the area that is most susceptible to accidents. The accidents in the kitchen will come in many forms. When choosing the light for the kitchen of your restaurant, you will want to ensure that it is bright enough. The kitchen must be well lit to enhance productivity, limit accidents, prevent waste, and improve quality control. The best choice of lighting for the kitchen in your restaurants is the fluorescent fixtures. With the fluorescent fixtures, they tend to be bright enough for the kitchen. Also, they are the perfect energy saving options that are also bright enough. They also make the kitchen cool enough for an ideal working environment. 

Lighting For Restaurant

Based on the type of meal
The hour or type of meal that is served at the restaurant is another factor that you will want to consider when you are setting up your restaurant lighting. That said, here are the frequent meals in a restaurant, along with the best lighting to accompany them;
• Breakfast. Mostly, the lighting options for breakfast needs to be bright. There must be a lot of lights to set up the perfect morning mood. For instance, the customer might want to read the morning newspaper. A lot of light helps to make the restaurant bright enough, and it sets a perfect energy for the entire day. 
• Lunch. The perfect lighting for lunch should be moderate. It shouldn’t be too bright, neither should it be too dim. The average light will help to bring it more customers, especially since there is always a rush at lunch time.
• Dinner. The right lighting for dinner should be the low. It should be dim enough to give the restaurant a perfect environment for leisure and an intimate atmosphere. The dinner atmosphere should be relaxed, and most of the customers prefer an intimate setting. Also, most of the dates will be hosted during dinner. So check that the lighting is suitable enough. 
• Family dining and fast food restaurant. With such a setting, you will want to ensure that the place is well lit to signify that it is a place for fast services. You can also include some decorative fixtures to create a welcoming environment. This will make the customers feel more at home.
• Fine dining. A fine dining needs to have a low-intensity light. This will offer an intimate atmosphere. In most cases, the restaurants with low-level lights will be highly valuable and the tend to offer top-level services. Ensure that the light are not too dark, or the customers won’t see each other. There might also be several accidents of tripping and falling. 
Ensure that you choose the right type of light, based on the meal or hour of the day. Some meals require dim lights and other need the bright lights. You might want to ask for professional help to know the right type of light to use for your restaurant. 

Restaurant Light

Based on the type of lighting
The type of lighting that you fit in your restaurant plays a huge part, so you will want to choose wisely. The positioning of the lighting fixture can affect the vision and the appearance of the customers. If you set up overhead lamps that are at a sharp angle and are too bright, the customers might have effects on their skin and eyes. Some of the common types of lightings include the following;
• Up Lights. These types of lightings will be fitted on the floor, and they will flash the light upwards. They can be placed in the corners or behind the plant. They create a dramatic shadow that makes the setting unique. 
• Down lights. They will be installed to the flashlight on the table, the floor or any surface in the restaurant. They can be installed to hang from the ceiling, or some will be hidden inside the ceiling. The down lights will also be a great choice to use in the entrance of the restaurant. They help to highlight the entry and make it look elegant. For instance, you can have pendant lights to hang over a table. This will create a perfect romantic mood. They shouldn’t be too bright to affect the customer’s visions. 
• Spotlights. These can be used to highlight a particular area. For instance, you can set up the light to flash the beams over the podium, if you have a stage for a performance. 
Always find the right type of lightings for your restaurant. The level of these lights must be comfortable for the customers. 

Exterior lighting
The interior restaurant lighting is not the only vital aspect. You must ensure that you find a type of light that is suitable for the outdoor setting. Ensure that the light is bright enough to attract the customer, even before they enter the restaurant. You can include some architectural features and ensure that they are well lit to be visible, even during the dark.

Choosing the right restaurant can profoundly contribute to the customer turn out, so ensure that you choose it wisely.

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We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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