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How To Install Light With Dimmer?

Led lighting refers to tiny diodes which are attached to a circuit board. The lighting system comes in complete tubes a, single pedants, flood lights and rails. Nevertheless, there are different intensities and colors which the led lights produced. The LED lighting price ranges from little Singapore dollars (simple LED lights) to thousands of Singapore dollars (automatic LED lights). The LED lighting systems are long lasting. Hence, you will not have to change them often. Another advantage is the fact that they are energy efficient and produces only very little heat.


Tips on how to choose the best LED lights

· The expected lifespan

The LED lighting system has a longer lifespan since you will not have any bulbs for replacement. However, you should check that the manufacturer is offering some guarantee and ensure that you read the conditions. Moreover, you require a backup. This will assist you in case there is a failed unit. Knowing the quality of the product and the reputation of the company which you are purchasing from is also very vital.

· The quality

When you are purchasing the LED lighting system, quality is one of the most important factors which should be considered. This is because the quality of the material for making the lighting lens and the level of transparency will allow better light transmission. Hence, you need to check whether the mounting brackets are strong and secure. As a result, they will prevent the lighting system from any accidental mishaps.

· The cooling systems

If the system is of high wattage, it is significant to understand how the system is cooled. The average operating temperatures will influence directly the lifespan of the LED lighting system. Thus, you need to check whether the system has fans for cooling and make sure that it provides sufficient air for gathering the heat sink area provided. Special attention should be provided in order to ensure that there is efficient removal of heat.

· The types of LEDs

The lighting spectrum which you are expecting to keep is very vital. Fresh water and Marine systems need both greater varieties of LEDS and an optimal spectral mix. Adequate lighting systems and the capability of the LED to penetrate up to the depth of the aquarium which you are installing are some of the tips which you need to put into consideration.

Install Light

· Technology which can be updated

Since the technology is changing, you need to check whether the unit can be updated. In fact, it will be very costly to buy a new system as the technology is advancing. The best LED lighting system only requires various drivers to run it so as to achieve optimal performance. It is a difficult task to optimize a system for a technology which doesn’t exists. Thus, you need to go for an LED lighting system with updateable technology.

· The control

Be aware of the control features the system is offering and the one which you are looking for. It is beneficial to have an existing complex intercommunication in the hardware. However, it might be different for beginners.

The significance of choosing an LED lighting firm which is reliable

Recent studies have revealed that most houses use energy sufficient lighting bulbs, halogen bulbs or incandescent t for lighting purposes. Unfortunately, the life span of the bulbs is short and it often indicates no warning before going off. Hence, it is not surprising if you are changing bulbs ones or twice in a month. This will be very inconveniencing for old age males or females since it will require climbing the ladder.

The LED lighting bulbs are very small but it can emit intense bright light. They are mostly used for indicator purposes such as outdoor signs and bright and traffic lights. But, it is currently being used for household lighting. Unlike, the bulbs mentioned above, it has a longer lifespan. In fact, it is ten or twenty times longer than the energy saving light bulbs. This will reduce the frequency of buying and changing the bulbs. Even tough the upfront cost of the LED lighting bulbs is stiff; it is long term and uses less energy than ordinary bulbs. Hence, you need to get a reputable company which provides you with proper installation of the LED bulbs and a warranty.

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Dangers of choosing led lighting company randomly

If you Purchase LEDS from a random LED lighting firm, the initial cost will appear cheaper. But, there is high risk that you will not receive the right value for your money. This is because of low quality LED light bulbs which will produce very low quality output. Thus, you need to choose the best company with good quality LED bulbs.

Why you need to choose as a supplying an installing company of the LED lighting system not only specializes in varied home or business services but also a one stop solution for home services which you might need. The company sells good quality products at the best prices for its customers. There are various befits for choosing to come and install an LED in your premise:

By installation of a simple LED, a lot of money will be saved. The installation services will cost a fraction of the money which you normally use in your normal lighting fixtures and bulbs. This is the main reason why it is highly recommended that everyone should contact the firm for supplying and installation of the LEDS. also truly cares for their clients by providing the best services and being accommodated by their needs. Furthermore, they put the interests of their client’s first, free onsite quotation, friendly attitude and provide maximum satisfaction which is guaranteed.

How to install an LED light with Dimmer

You might be having a standard switch which is connected to the LED light and you want to replace it with a dimmer. The process is very simple and it only takes approximately 15 minutes. The initial step is to turn off the power supply. Consequently, the old switch is removed. Also, the existing wall plate and the screws which mount the switch to the wall are also removed. After that, you need to connect the dimmer switch, and replace the wall plate.


The important tips high glited will enable you to go for the best LED lighting system from the reputable company. This will save lot of money which you could have used in buying ordinary bulbs.

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

Call our lighting specialists for lighting and ceiling fan advice. We are always here to help you
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