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Importance Of LED Lights For Home Improvement

Different types of lights are used in almost every household all over the world since long to enlighten it. But today different types of LED lights are preferably used to illuminate since last few years. The reason behind this transformation in the lighting industry is the most exciting and latest advancements in technologies used in this industry. Due to these technological advancements LED bulbs give solid light even if their size is very small as compared to traditional bulbs and tube lights used for this purpose.

LED Lights For Home Improvement

The operation of LED lights is also different from traditional incandescent lights. In this way, LEDs are much more durable and stronger than traditional bulbs used for lighting a space. The technology used in LEDs offers many other benefits in comparison to the lighting devices including compact fluorescent lights, incandescent lights and neon lights used since long. Extremely low usage of energy, exceptionally long lasting life, higher safety level and extremely low maintenance cost are some of the benefits offered by modern LEDS over traditional lights.

Today, LEDs are used for a wide range of lighting and other applications including aerospace, residential lighting, automotives, architectural lighting, aviation, electronic instrumentation, broadcasting, gaming and entertainment, industrial controls and automation, safety and transportation, the military and traffic controls etc.

Brief information of some of the benefits of LED lights that made them an important part of the improvement of any home, is provided here under for your consideration.

Energy efficiency:

LED lights consume electrical energy very efficiently as they can give light equal to an incandescent bulb even by consuming 90% less power than the later one. Thus LEDs dramatically reduce your power consumption and electricity bill as they use merely a part of energy used by traditional bulbs. Moreover the long lifespan of LEDs also help in saving your money and energy by reducing your replacement and maintenance cost. They are becoming a popular source of light even in remote areas where solar panels are used to power up lighting sources due to the extremely low consumption of energy. Though the initial cost of LEDs is a bit higher than the traditional lighting systems but the low energy consumption can help in recouping this cost with time.

LED Lights For Home Improvement

Longevity of life:

It is a proven fact that the lifespan of LEDs is many times more than that of traditionally used incandescent bulbs. On an average you can constantly use a LED light for 7 years without replacing it whereas you will have to replace incandescent as well as fluorescent lights very frequently as compared to LEDs. Normally LEDs last over 130 times more than incandescent bulbs and nearly 10 times more than compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. In this way LEDs reduce long term operation cost and maintenance costs dramatically low as compared to the traditionally used fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs. A comparative study given here under can help you to understand this difference more clearly.
The lifespan of a LED powered for 4 hours daily is 50,000 hours or 34 years
The lifespan of a LED powered for 8 hours daily is 50,000 hours or 17 years
The lifespan of a LED powered for 24 hours daily is 50,000 hours or 6 years


The semiconductor material used in LEDs make them solid state lighting devices as compared to the traditional lights in which neon gas or filaments were used. A tiny chip engulfed in an enclosure containing epoxy resin makes an LED light far stronger than a traditional fluorescent tube or incandescent bulb. Moreover LEDs can resist vibration, extreme temperature and shock more competently then traditional lighting systems as no fragile components like filaments and glass are used in them.


One of the most important benefits offered by LEDs is their improved safety feature. Virtually the LED lights do not produce any heat that reduces the risk of getting burned or catching fire as they are cold to touch even if they are left turned on for several hours. The heat produced by LEDs is nearly 3.4 btu/hour as compared to the 85 btu/hour heat produced by traditional bulbs. The incandescent bulbs are hot to touch because 90% of the energy consumed by them is expelled in the form of heat in comparison to light. In this way the risk of fires and burns are potentially reduced by using LEDs, which increase their safety level much more than traditional lighting systems.

Environment friendly:

LED lights are more environment friendly than fluorescent lights as they are made of non-toxic materials whereas mercury used in the traditional lights increase risk to the environment. LEDs are also considered eco-friendly and green as they can be recycled after expiry.

LED Lights For Home Improvement


The base colours like green, red, amber and blue offered by LED lights are many time more efficient than the colours offered by traditional fluorescent lights. The reason behind this difference is the filters used in traditional lights whereas no such filter is used in the LEDs. You can produce millions options of colours by blending LEDs of different colours.

Future prospects:

The traditional incandescent light bulbs can be replaced with LED lights in future. The residential as well as professional users both have rapidly started to prefer them as their lighting solution. Brighter LED lights are being produced these days on the basis of latest advancements in the technology used in them. The reduced consumption of electrical energy in LEDs has increased the hope of reducing energy consumption by 50% in the future.


The LED lights can be used in a number of different types of applications including architecture, aerospace industry, residential lighting, broadcasting, automotive, gaming and entertainment industry, electronic instrumentation, transportation and traffic and the military etc. LEDs prove the best source of lighting required for various specific purposes like reading lights, desk light, security lights, might lights, accent lights, spot lights and signage lighting because they produce focus light.

Thus LED lights are becoming increasingly important in home improvement as compared to traditional lights due to the reasons briefly discussed in this write-up. You should consider these points while making any decision in this regard.

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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