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Pros & Cons LED Light For BTO House

The cost of living in Singapore has become so high and it is not showing any signs of abating soon. This has forced home owners to look for various methods to maintain their costs as low as they possibly can. If you are planning to get a BTO house soon it is also important to consider early some cost-cutting measures that will help you live comfortably in your home. Led lighting has come in handy for a number of homes in Singapore and even future home owners will appreciate the many benefits it offers. This form of lighting lowers power costs and makes the house look stylish. Below are some of the pros and cons of using this kind of lighting.

LED Light

Longer Life

When compared to the normal light bulbs, Led lighting has a much longer life. Science has proven that these bulbs are capable of having a life of up to 100,000 hours. This can be equated to 11 years when such bulbs are used continuously or 22 years if used periodically. They do not also burn out completely as it is common with the ordinary bulbs leaving you in complete darkness. They just turn less bright and this will avoid the hassles of looking for candles in the middle of the night. The convenience and advantages of LED lightning are simply amazing.

Ecologically Friendly

They are also ecologically friendly and hence great to light your BTO house. The conventional bulbs have fluorescent and neon plus other additional heavy metals that can have adverse effects on the environment like mercury. Upon disposal into the environment, all the harmful substances are usually released into the environment. They poison the flora, fauna and even affect human beings. The Led lighting does not contain any harmful elements that pose a threat to the environment. Given their long life, and being ecologically friendly they ensure a safe environment for human beings, animals and plants.

LED Light


The most suitable lighting option for the HDB houses in Singapore ought to be highly durable and be able to withstand minor vibrations that are common. The fluorescents and ordinary bulbs can easily break and stop working when subjected to such small shocks. This Led lighting is rugged in nature and as a result of this it is able to withstand some conditions that are very rough. This lighting option is great as it can even withstand construction sites near your home. You can use this option in your house without a worry of any impacts. The lighting option is also great to use in Singapore as it does not blow up easily when the weather gets very hot throughout the year. They are able to operate despite the high temperatures experienced in the country without failing. They are so durable that you will only have to worry about doing some routine checkups but not replacement before their lifespan ends.

High Energy Efficiency

This type of lighting is capable of delivering high energy efficiency levels that is capable of going up to 90% as opposed to the 20% of the conventional incandescent bulbs. This is to mean that over 90% of all the electrical energy that comes from the house mains is successfully converted to light. It is therefore important for every BTO house to be fitted with this type of lighting as it will release some energy to some other critical sectors of the country that will boost economic growth.

Flexible Designs

A modern lifestyle dictates that the systems in use ought to be convenient and highly flexible for the comfort of users. This type of lighting offers just that by making life better all over Singapore. The ordinary bulbs are only capable of producing a single type of light that can only be either switched on or off nothing more. In the case of the ordinary bulbs, the user has no say in the quantity of lighting they get or even change the color. Led lighting however, comes with a number of goodies like the ability to control the brightness and color of light emitted by the system. This flexibility is extremely important if you wish to have a certain effect inside your BTO house or other areas.

LED Light


Led lighting has a huge number of benefits, but unfortunately it is also associated with some cons as nothing is perfect. It is expensive to buy the new bulbs in the first instance when switching to this system but the prices are falling with every passing year. It is also important to note that not all bulbs in this system can be dimmed when necessary. You may also encounter some issues when using the existing dimmers especially when retrofitting. There are also some instances where it has been reported that this system failed when used in some areas with high temperature conditions.

Due to the fact that this system is fairly new in Singapore, getting accurate information and specifications could be difficult at times. This is as a result of a huge comprehension difference between the makers of LEDs and the lighting community. This leads to the many issues regarding the use of LEDs like thermal management and other relates issues. There are instances where LEDs have caused radio interference but this is when poorly designed lights are used as the well designed ones have no problem whatsoever. The power supplies in these lighting systems have not been standardized and in case of bulb failure then the whole power supply ought to be replaced. When you go for lower quality of LEDs, it will present a lot of issues especially flickering which many users have complained about in the past.

There are various isolated complaints by people claiming that the color quality and light output changes with the duration of time that the bulb lasts, but this is a normal problem that affects all types of light bulbs. The LEDs require their heat sinks and hence it becomes practically impossible in some cases to install them lying on their side. This is due to the fact that their heat sinks flutes will not function in an efficient manner.

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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