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Why is Lighting Important in Interior Design?

Interior design in Singapore is moving to a whole new level. Due to the utmost importance of lighting as an element of design, it is taken more seriously in Singapore. As such there are specialist lighting companies in Singapore to help you install the right lighting system for your home. These specialists understand that lighting is not only meant to illuminate a room but adds more to the aesthetic value of a home.

Why Is Lighting Important In Interior Design?

· Helps in establishing the right mood
Depending on how the lighting is designed it will give a room a specific feel. As such you can use lighting to set the mood of a room. This also depends on the function of that particular room. For instance low lights can be used to create a comfy and romantic room in a bedroom. On the other hand bright lights are cheerful and very inspiring; as such they are ideal for creating a light and enchanting mood in the sitting room. A bright light also brings some sense of energy into a room.

In creating mood, accent lighting can be used. This modern lighting technique carries with it a sense of personal feelings and enhances décor as well. For example accent lighting can be installed and positioned to light up a piece of drawing you treasure.

· Helps in space management
Using the right lighting techniques can either make your space appear large or small. If you have a small room, using dark lights will make it look more tiny and cluttered. Instead use a bright light to enhance the space further. Just using the right lights will make your room more spacious and beautiful. On the other hand, large spaces without enough furniture can look awful when illuminated a lot. For a very big room, use dark lights to conceal that extra space you have not filled up. On the contrary, you can use directional lighting just to focus on specific areas of the room that you want to be more visible.

· Color management
When it comes to the color of paints used on your walls, light can make it look terrible or wonderful. A light painted wall will do well with low lights which appear darker. On the other hand dark colored paints require a bright illumination. This is because bright colors are reflected from the wall surfaces, hence using a more bright color will make the lighting look exaggerated. On the contrary, dark walls tend to absorb lighter make the room much dark.

· Lights can be used to highlight specific elements of interior design
Interior designers use lighting to lay emphasis on a specific area of a room. In the living room, lights can be positioned to illuminate more on wall paintings, flower vessels, and floors. This is a technique to shift the attention of visitors to the things you consider valuable in your room. Actually you can ensure the lights focus on the things that add aesthetic value to your room. 

In the Kitchen direct lighting can be used to highlight the sink, cooking, counters and areas with most activity. Note that this technique focuses on the object being illuminated and not where the light comes from.

· Provides decoration and adds to the architecture of a room
Interior designers know how to use light in decorating a room. This is normally referred to as decorative lighting and is one of the important functions of lighting in interior design. A perfect example of this is the use of table lamps and wall scones. Using light to decorate your room makes the space look elegant, inviting and warm. Remember decoration adds beauty and you do not have to spend a lot. It is just like ensuring you get a basic need and using it to enhance aesthetics as well.

· Harmonize all the elements of interior design in an attractive way
Space, color and décor are all important aspects of interior design. However without the appropriate lighting they all lack a sense of harmony. That is why modern lights come in different colors and tones. For instance you can have very expensive furniture, art work and decorative equipment, which will mean less without lighting. Lighting goes beyond just illumination and enhances the finer details of any room.


Note that harmony is crucial in interior design. As such use lights that blend well with the color, space, wall paintings and décor. Consider using LED lights if you need high quality lighting in your home. If you are in Singapore there are numerous companies offering lighting services. However choose wisely and ensure you get quality lights. A good lighting technician will use advanced creativity to make your home spectacular.

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Your One Stop Solution For Home & Office on All Types of LED Lighting in Singapore

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

We are specialists in LED Light, LED Ceiling Lighting, Home LED Lighting, Commercial LED Lighting, Lighting System

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